New again

Wew, never thought it could be difficult to start writing again in my own blog. First of all, I’m still thinking that this thing is going public, but then again this thing pop out of my head and said what the heck, just say and write what you wanna say, and people might not read this, or eventhough people read this, it might not be as bad as you thought. It’s like learning to write again in my junior high school language lesson 😀 Well, however, I will try to write again here, some things that interest me.
An end is a beginning of something. When you finish your high school, then you’re going to the university or working. Like a serial thing, one thing leads to another thing. This topic is too damn good for me since I had just graduated from my study and ready to move on to the next step. Well, live your life girl! 🙂



Visiting this page, I’m thinking, sometimes it can be quite difficult to start writing again. Not because you don’t have anything to talk about, but you just feel too tired to talk about it. It can happen, especially in work-life. Things can be so hectic and suddenly slow down at a time that you think you don’t have any idea left. That’s when, my friend used to say, that your string is too loose or too tight. Somehow, you need to adjust the string well that it can make good sound. Balance it somehow. I think it is not easy to keep balancing your personal-life and work-life for a long time.

The first thing that comes to my mind is research work. Like you have to work around 4 to 7 months for example, study and research about one thing for a long time can be tiring and boring. That is why people say that you should choose the thing that interest you most. Will you stand staying for the same thing over months or years even though it’s your most favourite thing? :] Something similar to this, like can you stand with the same boyfriend for months or years? 😛 There’s always something interesting or new, that is why you need to explore. Don’t be lazy, keep thinking and doing, and you will make progress without even realizing it. I never think I will be in this stage, coz somehow I was just doing it and want to get finish soon. But, a friend said that no need to rush, take your time and think thorough. Sometimes I think even though I already take some times to think, I used to forget one or two things behind 😀 Anyway, it minimizes that chance ^^ Good friends are always there to share their thoughts. Even tough at the end, you have to face it with your own strength, but you will always remember the process to get there.



I really like this comic, Sentaro. It is about a pet-rabbit which lives with its owner named Baku Kosawa, a simple single comic writer man. The comic book contains of short stories. I love the drawings of Sentaro specifically, and the whole book drawing in general. Personally, actually I don’t really like pet. Rabbit is not that cute also, but anyway, I like Sentaro in the comic book 😛 hehe.. I like it because this comic is different with other comics, you can tell from the story. It is something light, funny, and warm 🙂 I want to thank the author, Tsubasa Nunoura who has done a great wonderful thing on this comic 🙂

The People Factor

Customer Relationship Management has an essential factor, the people factor. That is why, when talking about CRM, we cannot only talk about the management and strategy, the goal and objectives, other things such as technology, people, process, collaboration, culture should be talked and they all have to be blended and mixed together.

The people factor is one of the toughest factor, which I think it is also the driver of CRM. People means everybody involves in this CRM thing. How big is that?!  The success is more or less on average, it cannot be either very satisfying or very poor. People is a subjective thing, which makes the inheritence can be said as subjective as well. Anyway, in business world, everything can be expected to be done and measured. As more business people see CRM as an important thing in doing business, then the people factor should be more understand, aware, and knowledgeable about CRM. Then, what’s next?…

Pictures speak a thousand words

Just opened my pictures, a.k.a photo collections in these past one year, and lots of things have been going on. It’s true that a picture can speak a thousand words. Memories are flowing in a blink. Sometimes I miss those moments, but I know they will never be the same twice. Through sad and happy moments, through the pictures, I can gather myself round again and continue the journey…

The worth of water

A quote says “you’ll never know the worth of water until the well is dry”. It’s true perhaps. This quote becomes a reminder for us to always remember, be thankful and happy of what we have now. Not only that, take care of the things we have with good intention is one way of doing it. Disappointment comes late called regret. This reminds us that we should not regret about things we have done. “What if” questions are useless when things have happened. So, try to learn from the quote…


Racialism is an emphasis on race or racial considerations as in determining policy or interpreting events. Today I feel a kinda racialism treatment. I don’t understand why because it’s a country where lots of people from different culture live together. I don’t know whether it’s the people, the culture, or the policy. It’s been twice and it’s just the same. Not friendly at all. Hmm.. so far, since I’ve just travelled around South East Asia, I wanna say, this is the first country I don’t want to drop by anymore. The point is it’s not as great as “they” say… very disappointing… Bad experience, bad travel…